Updated January 2, 2020

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the most efficient, affordable, and results-based resource possible for defense attorneys to learn about, team up with, and brilliantly represent their clients—and to make this resource available in both English and Spanish and for both adult and juvenile cases. 

The result is that defense attorneys can now (1) save time, (2) defer to clients the task of completing 22 sections of vital inquiry, and (3) receive an unprecedented confidential map to case success.

Defense Maps are organized distillations of essential information about both cases and clients.  The Maps screen clients’ answers for often-hidden issues, defenses, and mitigation and concisely highlight these on a Flags page.

Our team

DefenseMap.com is the work product of a team with diverse backgrounds in law, psychology, social work, and the science of learning under stress.

Our development team has engaged the ideas of a wide range of experts.  Attorneys, psychologists, social workers, educators, leaders in prisoner reentry, and former defendants and inmates have all contributed invaluable ideas and feedback.

The development team’s leader, Charles Asher, has been an attorney for 40 years, has enjoyed distinctions like Martindale Hubbell’s preeminent AV rating and listing in Naifeh and Smith’s The Best Lawyers in America, and has led a ground-breaking effort at elevating defense discovery opportunities to those of the prosecution.  He has led our team’s creation of several free websites, including:

  • DefenseMap.com for improved discovery of accused person’s backstories and elevated attorney-client cooperation in both criminal and juvenile cases.                                                                                                                                                                       
  • UpToParents.org for separated, divorced, and never-married parents’ opportunity to focus on meeting their children’s needs as the preeminent light forward.                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • AssessFamilyLaw.org for family law bench and bar leaders’ opportunity to evaluate and improve their family law systems’ service to the best interests of clients, their children and families, and communities as a whole.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Our ongoing support

We are committed to making DefenseMap.com as simple as possible for clients and their counsel by a combination of (a) simple commands, (b) a ReadSpeaker option, and (c) our prompt Helpline assistance.  We offer prompt responses to Helpline inquiries, and we work with both private attorneys and public defenders to smoothly incorporate this tool into their practices.  We encourage interested attorneys to consult FAQ #1 and be in touch with any questions or comments.

Our availability to counsel and clients

We enjoy continually monitoring our Helpline and Feedback links to offer the best service possible to attorneys and clients alike.