There are hundreds of potentially explosive facts for counsel to know*, but until now—

No time for attorneys to ask.

No emotionally safe place for clients to share.


Actual reasons behind the charged events.  *Health, work, military, and counseling histories.  * Childhood and family traumas.  *Retreats to addictions to cope.  *Suicide attempts.  *Uninvestigated mental and emotional disorders.  *Stressors and duress of innumerable sources.  * Heroic and giving acts.  *Constructive and destructive relationships.  *Compelling mitigators.  *Care and support to others.  *Character strengths.  *Wishes for personal change.

At last, a tool:

  • Guiding clients through unprecedented inquiries,
  • Uncovering hidden backstories and defenses,
  • Creating an instantly clarifying Defense Map.
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3 simple steps.

Attorneys, staff, and other allied professionals open Accounts.
From these Accounts, they send clients to answer 25 sections of questions.
Receive Maps giving quick, unprecedented defense assistance.
  • Vital information
    put into powerful
    simple-to-use Maps
  • Analysis of client information through
    41 screens
  • Multi-layer
    advanced security
  • A Flags page pinpointing hidden issues and defenses
  • Real-time Helpline
    for all questions