May 26, 2022

We hope the sample Defense Maps linked below give a flavor of the wide variety of cases where they can help.  Our Feedback and Helpline links are available for any inquiries or suggestions about our goal of making this tool useful in almost any criminal or delinquency case.

A. Sample Defense Maps in cases with new felony charges

B. Sample Defense Map in a new death penalty charge

C. Sample Defense Maps in sentence modification cases

D. Sample Defense Map in a postconviction case
  • Defense Map of Katie DeGroot: An inmate’s Map uncovers substantial questions about the adequacy of her representation and the advisement of rights at her pleas of guilty—along with persuasive support for a sentence modification.

E. Sample Defense Map in a postconviction actual innocence case
  • Defense Map of Jason Anderson: A wrongfully convicted innocent man’s Map gives invaluable opening guidance in undoing the mismanaged scientific evidence and other errors in his case.

F. Sample Defense Maps in delinquency cases