The Defense Maps Project is a creation of the family charity of Charlie and Barb Asher, The Freedom 22 Foundation.  Charlie and Barb have combined their respective backgrounds in criminal defense and social work to lead a number of initiatives in the law’s better service of the public, including, and

The Defense Map Project has received indispensable assistance from the generous feedback of hundreds of attorneys, mental health professionals, and former defendants and inmates.

The Spanish version of this resource is the result of the tireless contributions of Federico (Freddie) and Carol Thon.

The Project receives vital ongoing assistance from its Advisory Board of attorneys, lay persons, and Warden Russell Olmstead and Assistant Warden Rachel Zawistowski of the Saint Joseph County Jail in South Bend, Indiana.  Special thanks are due to Sheriff William Redman of Saint Joseph County for the progressive vision and collaboration demonstrating that Defense Maps can be safely deployed in all jails and prisons.